Backup your Data - it's so simple!

No matter what else you do, have peace of mind that your data is protected - it's really simple

Simple Setup

Install the Agent Software

Select the Files & Folders to be protected - (Eg. My Documents / Desktop)

Specify what time of day would suit you for the backup to run

Repeat for all computers that have data that needs to be protected

The Backup will now run automatically at the time you scheduled

Simple Restore

Install the Agent Software on any computer

Login to your Online Backup Account

Select the Files to Restore


Login to your Online Backup Account via your preferred Browser

Select the files you want and download

It's a Managed Service

We assist you in installing the software

We assist you in identifying what data needs to be protected

We monitor the status of your backup and notify you of any problems

We assist you with data recovery where necessary

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In Summary, our Online Backup Solution offers the following:

Managed - We monitor your backups and notify you of any problems

Simplicity - One easy account for all your backup needs

Security - Complete privacy protection

Added Benefit - Recover and restore previous file versions

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