Time to go Paperless!

Digital Cabinet™ is your filing cabinet made digital. Your business can now have access to your own Digital Cabinet™ which will allow you to scan, upload, store, retrieve and share files from your desk or from any other location. You can even create your digital filing system to match exactly the systems you use in paper form e.g. delivery notes, purchase orders, invoices etc.

With the sophistication of modern hardware, software and Internet services, paperless offices are growing in popularity. Going paperless is a greener option than using reams of paper and may cut down on overhead expenses.

Digital Cabinet™ brings a simplified document management solution to small and medium businesses.

Primeworks offer all the tools you need to go digital in one product offering.

Features of the Cloud Premium package include:

  • Simple, affordable document scanning

  • Secure document storage

  • Fast document retrieval

  • High speed scanner included

  • 24/7 online document accessibility

  • No desktop software installation required

  • Access from any internet enabled device

  • Offsite data backup solution included.

  • Saves time and money

  • Unlimited number of cabinets

  • Save space by eliminating or reducing bulky filing cabinets

Whether you are a new business dealing with escalating paperwork and costs, or an established business swamped by ever increasing paperwork, we have the ideal solution for you.

Primeworks is an authorised vendor of Digital Cabinet™

For more information on this product or if you would like a personal consultation then CONTACT US at Primeworks now.

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