Have your PCs had their Flu Shots?

You can now have the latest anti- virus software and protect up to 10 devices, using a single licence. You can choose to split the security as you need, ½ between your computers, and the other ½ on your Android smartphones/tablets.

Tested on Humans

Millions of people across the world rely on our products everyday. That's the best way to test them and make them great.

Virus Bulletin Award

The only vendor with record-breaking protection.

ESET proven to keep you safer.

Windows 8 Compatible

In addition to other operating systems, you can enjoy safer technology also on Windows 8.

Once installed, you will also receive free upgrades and updates for the duration of the licence. This ensures that you will always have your devices secured by the latest protection.

ESET is an international security solution provider with 25 years of experience in protecting digital worlds.

They lead the industry in proactive threat detection. To quote their co-founder Miroslav Tmka:

“At ESET we are dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers, keeping out all known and emerging forms of malware”.

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