Hosted Servers

Primeworks will assist you in identifying which services are best suited for the 'cloud'.

Services suited for the 'Cloud':


  • Mailbox and Website Hosting

  • Accounting Packages such as Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution or SYSPRO

  • Dedicated Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail Server

  • Custom Applications

  • Hosted Desktops for Remote Users working from Diverse Geographical Locations

Domain and Email


The first thing you will need is a Domain - eg. We will assist you in getting a domain registered.


Once you have a domain - the next thing is email addresses - eg.  We will assist you with this as well as hosting the mailboxes you require.


The next step is a website - we can assist you in finding a Developer to create a site for you which we will then host.

Hosted Services for Pastel, SYSPRO or other
Mimecast Unified Email Management
Dedicated Hosted Microsoft Exchange
domain web and mail hosting

Mimecast Unified Email Management


For those Companies that want even more functionality out of their Mail System, we are able to provide Mimecast Unified Email Management.


The Advantages:

  • Email Security - Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution that reduces the complexity of protecting your organization from malware, spam and data leakage. Our service delivers robust 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam service levels, with 0.0001% spam false positives

  • Email Continuity - in the event of a problem with the local Mail Server, users can 'failover' to the Mimecast Data Centre and carry on with Email Communication

  • Email Archiving - let Mimecast take over the headache of trying to backup the large volumes of email generated in Organisations today.  They will archive all incoming and outgoing email for 10 years


Definitely recommended for any Business that takes their Email Seriously!!!


Dedicated, Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail Server


For those Companies that want more functionality out of their Mail System, we are able to offer a Dedicated, Hosted, Microsoft Exchange Mail Server.


The Advantages:

  • Mailbox is accessible via Outlook, on your Smartphone or your Tablet

  • If a message is read on the tablet, it automatically shows as read on all the other devices and vice versa

  • Wherever a contact is added, it is automatically synchronised to all other devices - i.e. add a Contact on your Phone and it is available in Outlook and the tablet

  • Your Calendar is synchronised to all your devices

  • Calendars and Contacts can be shared between users

Hosted Virtual Servers


Instead of laying out capital for a Server and having the hassle of maintaining it, why not consider renting a Server on a monthly basis?


The Advantages:

  • High Availability due to redundancy on Internet Connectivity, Power, Server Hardware, Security, Airconditioning & Fire-Control

  • Simplified Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

  • Easily and securely accessible from anywhere on the Internet, (multiple branches - let all users work off one central server)

  • Lower insurance costs

  • Simplified upgrade path of Hardware & Software

  • Reduced power consumption, (reduce your carbon footprint)

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