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Companies that have multiple computers connected to their network, often find it difficult to keep track and control of these devices.

Endpoint management (EPM) provides the opportunity to reduce operational costs associated with all your devices. It provides secure updates, patch management, logging, inventory maintenance, and overall quick remediation abilities. Endpoint management solutions include highly automated and integrated tools to significantly reduce the effort required to manage and secure desktop computers and mobile devices. It provides near real-time accessibility, thereby giving you full control of everything from a single console.

An EPM system allows businesses or their service providers to manage, control and secure devices that store corporate data, irrespective of the device or where the device is located.

Typical devices covered would be desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. EPM allows management to view where each device is located, whether it is on or off the company network and also ensures that all devices, including BYODs (Bring Your Own Device), comply with company set standards.


Other features include the validation of software licences, automation of patch updates to all devices as well as ensuring updating of anti-virus software. It also allows automatic software deployment regardless of device location, domain or network.

EPM ensures hard drive and memory optimisation, anti-virus management and endpoint power management. It offers proactive rather than reactive support, thereby identifying and rectifying problems before they can cause a major impact on your business. The system also produces regular reports on the status of your IT systems. You have full visibility of all your IT assets.

You cannot fix problems if you cannot see them. By integrating a security package such as Webroot™, with your EPM, you will be able to identify problems and achieve smarter and faster management solutions combined with robust anti-malware protection.

As many of the EPM functions are automated or “outsourced”, this will result in a lower IT workload, thus saving time and increasing productivity. An EPM system is easily installed and will operate across the complete IT environment.

We manage your IT systems so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Primeworks Endpoint Management is a 100% cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) with an uptime of 99.99%. It is always on, thereby offering superior functionality, scalability, reliability and security.

To find out more about how Primeworks Endpoint Management can benefit your business, please contact us!

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