Date Protection and Online Backup

In this day and age, it is imperative that every organisation has a sound, robust Data Backup strategy in place.

In the event of disaster, all systems can be rebuilt and functionality restored relatively quickly.

However – if your data is lost, this can have serious long-term effects on your business as it is not so easy to ‘rebuild’ this.


The risk to data loss increases as time goes by and as IT evolves and matures.  New threats are constantly being identified and even if you follow all recommended best practices, there is still a chance that some new vulnerability is discovered which wipes out everything, or gets ransomwared or…


At Primeworks Networking we recommend implementation of an automated, secure, offsite backup solution such that all business data is securely backed up.


Talk to us about our Managed Solution.

Let us assist you with our Managed Solutions so you can sleep comfortably at night, knowing your risk is reduced!

Whether your data is stored locally or in the cloud, we have the solution for you.

Secure, Automated, Online, Data Backup

Simple Setup


  • Install the Agent Software

  • Select the Files & Folders to be protected - (Eg. My Documents / Desktop)

  • Specify what time of day would suit you for the backup to run

  • Repeat for all computers that have data that needs to be protected

  • The Backup will now run automatically at the time you scheduled

Simple Restore


  • Install the Agent Software on any computer

  • Login to your Online Backup Account

  • Select the Files to Restore


  • Login to your Online Backup Account via your favourite Browser

  • Select the files you want and download

Managed Service


  • We assist you in installing the software

  • We assist you in identifying what data needs to be protected

  • We monitor the status of your backup and notify you of any problems

  • We assist you with data recovery where necessary

In Summary, our Online Backup Solution offers the following:

  • Managed - We monitor your backups and notify you of any problems

  • Simplicity - One easy account for all your backup needs

  • Security - Complete privacy protection

  • Mobility - Easy access from your mobile device

  • Added Benefit - Recover and restore previous file versions