Time & Attendance for the Mobile Worker

Time and Attendance Outjie

Manage your Mobile Workers efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Do you have Teams of Mobile Workers?
  • Do you have frustration trying to find where your mobile workers are?
  • Would you like to see when your Mobile Workers have arrived at a Job or completed it?
  • Would you like the ability to see which of your Mobile workers are available and in what area they are?
  • Do your Mobile Workers need to feedback information such as Sign-offs on Jobs, Copies of Proof of Delivery / Service Report / Photographs, in real-time?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then you need to consider Timeclock365!

For as little as R89.00/user/month, you will get the following:

Time Tracking

Transform your relationships with your employees in 15 minutes and upgrade your business performance by joining Timeclock365 today.

Timeclock365 is a professional Time and Attendance solution with a full range of options. No need to be in the dark. Now you can see it all, such as - who has arrived, who is late, who is working, who is in the field and more.

Now all your company's time will count with Timeclock365. No more time leaking. Save money across all time based Job Functions with total accuracy, transparency and fairness.

Clock in via 3 easy options:

  • Wall Based time clocks (Finger print access, proximity card, code)
  • Application (Optional GPS Location permissions)
  • PC Portal (Optional sign-in via company IP address)

Task management

365 is a fun and effective tool that combines tasks, time and location capability leading to a boost in employee productivity and performance.

The perfect tool for over the shoulder management of all employees including remote and mobile field employees like field technicians, sales representatives, agents and cleaners.

Task management 365 enables employees to communicate completion of tasks on their mobile phone including the ability to attach photos and important documents like invoices and signatures of clients on site.

Location Tracking

See where each employee is when doing his tasks on Live Map.

Alerts and Reminders

Get confirmations after each task is completed and alerts for missed deadlines or uncompleted tasks including the location where the task was performed and completed.

Add colours and icons for different category and type of tasks.

Now everyone knows what they must be busy doing by when and where.


Get detailed reports per task and time breakdown.

Cloud-Based Timeclock which offer benefits and capabilities such as:

  • Missions

    Missions Management System, including issuing reports by length of time or project, end of task notifications, add signature, notes and files, etc.

  • Cloud-Based

    Access anywhere, anytime, from any device with internet access, without the need for installation.

  • Attendance Reports

    Issuing attendance reports, including employees’ location, sign-ins, and comments.

  • Manager’s Control Panel

    View critical data in real-time: who is working, who is late, who has finished working, and more.

  • Employee location and route history

    Manager and employees can see other employees on the map in real-time.

  • Manage

    Managing labour agreements, overtime, employee cards, and authorizations.

  • Smart Notifications

    Smart notifications for the manager and/or employees: when someone starts working or stops working, when employee leaves assigned area, employee late, absent and more.

How it works

Once the backend is setup with all your users, each user then loads the App on to their Smartphone, (Android and iPhone).

On a daily basis, the Manager loads the required tasks for the day and allocates them to the respective Users.

When the user arrives on-site, they clock-in via the App, which then records the time and location where the clock-in occurred. (The user has the ability to attach comments/photos/documents on each clock-in).

Once the user has completed the on-site work, they then clock-out. They can then, again, add a comment, attach a photo or have somebody else capture a signature.

The user will then complete the task and move onto the next one.

From the back-end, the manager can see, in real-time, who has clocked in/out and at what location, thereby allowing them to efficiently manage the mobile teams, as well as account for their whereabouts and time spend.

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