Electronic Business Cards

Electronic Business Cards Outjie
Electronic Business Cards

Benefits of your Electronic Business Card:

Easy to Share

  • Anyone can share your card via email, sms, whatsapp or any other mobile sharing option

Get Connected

  • Your Electronic Business Card can expose your perferred method of communication: Cell, Email, WhatsApp, thereby making you more accessible to your Customers


  • Your Business Card is available 24/7/365 wherever you are

Cut Costs

  • Save on the costs associated with printing traditional business cards that never get used - they never get handed out, staff members leave, information changes


  • Receive great integrated analytics and reporting at Company, Branch, Department and Individual Level
  • How often has the Card been opened / forwarded / shared
  • What links / resources are being clicked


  • Use your Electronic Business Card to communicate products, prices and promotions and have an extra forum for promoting your business / products services via buttons available on the card
  • Easy to share with others
  • Added exposure when your card is shared
  • Let Customers get hold of you at the touch of a button
  • Give Customers direct links to key resources, directly from the card
  • Monthly analytics of the card activity
  • Save on costs - no wasted money on unused traditional business cards
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